Four Nines edging lab

A Key to Profection: Qualified Processing

Four Nines has a special department established only for processing. There, skilled professionals perform processing at the highest level under the idea: eyeglasses can only be completed when frame and lens are properly combined. We cut and insert the lens into frames according to the results of eye testing and pre fitting. This operation determines the finishing quality of an eyeglasses. When the balance between the lens and the frame is kept poorly, it will not only lead to the deformation of the frame but also the detortion of the lens resulting in malfunction of visual performances.

To provide processing at the best quality, we established a special department called “central processing unit” where experienced professionals of Four Nines perform processing with various combinations of frames and lenses under carefull examination. Without the discomfort of the lens detortion, you can experience lasting quality of our processing grade long after the purchase. The time spent in processing will lead to lasting comfort after the completion of your eyeglasses. Because we have a concrete idea of the best.


Note: “tec(tec Mark)” is marked on every Four Nines LENS processed by Four Nines edging lab.