“Glasses should be fine Tools”

“Glasses should be fine Tools”
All 999.9 (Four Nines) glasses are designed upon this unwavering concept.
Fine comfort. Strong and durable. Easy to adjust.Four Nines’ immaculate comfort and its durability comes from the entire effort based on
the philosophy of glasses “as a tool” to correct one’s eyesight.This pursuit of function arrives to its specific admirable shape, which we consider to be Four Nines’ style.

Fine Comfort

“Fine Comfort” is essential in wearing glasses.
With the aim to offer people with pleasant comfort of wearing glasses, Four Nines select material, shape and function which could reduce the stress of wearing glasses. What makes this possible is “the feeling to be wrapped by”. We design eyeglasses to be worn by wrapping them around one’s head instead of hooking them on ears.

Strong and Durable

Pleasant comfortability shaped after adjustment should be maintained for long term.
Four Nines came up with its distinctive function, such as “Gyaku-R hinge”, having durability against deformation and providing fine comfort to glasses. Since glasses is to be used for so long, Four Nines design them strong from destruction with pleasant comfortability.

Easy to adjust

The best comfort to eyeglasses is achieved when they are adjusted to your facial construction. Four Nines’ glasses are designed with creative structure that helps shape glasses accordingly to everyone.
Ultimately, what’s necessary is minimum adjustment. Four Nines glasses are readily designed with pleasant comfortability even before any adjustments are made.

Design based on its function

Fine comfort. Strong and durable. Easy to adjust. The pursuit of these functions build up to its specific admirable shape, which we consider “design” to be the outcome of the utmost pursue of “function in reality”. These admirable shape enables Four Nines’ glasses to fit everyone perfectly.