Working on a computer for a long time. Communicating with smart phones. Today’s business people are unknowingly exposed to stress caused by blue light and reflected light. We unconsciously feel the stress caused by glare not only from electronic devices in business scenes, but also from natural light we take in when entering and exiting indoor and outdoor spaces, and from the lights of oncoming cars when driving at night.
WORKe” uses a uniquely developed lens to reduce the stress of seeing. By changing work and daily life into more comfortable ones, it improves the quality of life. In conjunction with the comfortable wearing comfort that Four Nines has been pursuing, it frees you from the stress of looking and wearing.

Reduce stress by reducing reflection
“Ultra-low reflection coating”

The “Ultra Low Reflection Coating” suppresses the reflection of light wavelengths (400nm to 650nm) emitted from computer and smartphone screens. By preventing flickering and reflection, it reduces the stress that unconsciously occurs. Also, by minimizing the reflection, the original color can be easily seen correctly.

High performance coating that is easy to clean and long-lasting

◎High anti-scratch coating
This coating reduces the coefficient of friction so that no extra load is applied when wiping the lens, making it much more resistant to scratches.
◎Antistatic Coating
Prevents the adhesion of dust and pollen in the air. By reducing the number of times you need to wipe your lenses, you can prolong the life of your lenses.
◎Super Water Repellent Coating
High water repellency and lubricating properties repel water and oil well, maintaining clear vision.

Blue light cutoff function with reduced color change

Elastic beta titanium is used for the temples. The temples are made of elastic beta-titanium, and the design ensures a large area of contact with the side of the head when wearing them, making them comfortable to wear. In addition, rubber material is used for the part that touches the ear. This leads to a more comfortable environment.

Reduce the stress of hanging.

It does not shift easily when worn and provides a stable fit as well as a comfortable, enveloping feel. In addition, the design reduces the sense of pressure that occurs when wearing a headset, etc., and pursues a comfortable environment where you can concentrate on playing.

Special dyes to reduce glare

In addition to minimizing glare when looking at a screen, the special gray dye with a 15% concentration protects the eyes from glare felt in various situations, such as sunlight when going out, car lights at night, and so on. The density is not as thick as sunglasses and can be used in business situations, making it the ideal density setting in terms of both function and design.

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