Four Nines Shop

999.9 selected by Stella KARASUMA

231 Hashibenkei-cho Karasuma-Takoyakushi-Nishiiru Nakagyou-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto
Business Hours:11:00~18:00
Regular Holidays:Every Tuesday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday


999.9 / 999.9 feelsun / WORKe


999.9 selected by Stella KARASUMA has a courtyard in the center of the shop, where different tastes of frames are displayed in each side of the courtyard. Welcomed by the frames lighted by LED wall shelves, you can take your time choosing your favorites in the relaxing atmosphere. Frame selector is installed in the shop where 8 different photos could be displayed on the monitor in which you can select two photos to compare the image of the frame on your face. With the charm of Kyoto, 999.9 selected by Stella KARASUMA awaits for your visit. (The store will be closed from July 16th to July 26th due to the Gion-Festival.)