Four Nines Shop

999.9 selected by Stella OIKE

376 Kameya-cho Gokomachi-Oike-Agaru Nakagyou-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto
2F oogley raconter
Business Hours:11:00~19:30
Regular Holidays:No regular holidays


999.9 / 999.9 feelsun / WORKe


Including Four Nines’ product variations, the essence of Kyoto could be enjoyed in 999.9 selected by Stella OIKE, through architecture designed with traditional Kyoto housing. Some frames are even displayed inside a traditional Shigarayaki pottery. The store is installed with frame selector, where 8 different photos could be displayed on the monitor, to easily compare and choose the frame you like the most. We hope the shop to be a place where we could talk about Four Nines together.