METAL FRAME S-390T series
“S-390T series” is the latest metal model with built-in construction that has evolved following S-350T series and S-360T series. This is a model that describes Four Nines effort to go beyond perfection in quality, presenting the perfect blend of quality and design at the highest level. The front composed with sheet metal presents excellent details while attaining its simplicity. It is a model that expands Four Nines’ possibility of product beyond standard to meet the value of all, looking for their best pair of glasses to wear.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 1001 Black Matt × Gold
  • 3003 Antique Gold × White Gold Matt Shearing
  • 4012 Antique Silver × Gunmetallic
  • 6001 Khaki Matt × Gold
  • 7002 Dark Blue Matt × Silver
  • 8001 Antique Dark Brown × Gold

Color Variation