METAL FRAME S-845T series
“S-845T series” recalls Four Nines’ origin of metal brow. It is a series that reminds you to the development of Four Nines’ metal browline eyeglasses that acquires everything necessary for glasses very technically. The smartness and the techniques of metal browline are learnt from S-15T series and S-206T series introduced in the past, brushed up with Four Nines’ quality and functionality at a further extent.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 1 Gold
  • 2 Silver
  • 4 Titanium Shearing
  • 7 Dark Blue Matt
  • 8 Dark Brown Matt
  • 12 Gunmetallic

Color Variation

Type BFour Nines prepare Type B lens shape, a vertically elongated lens which could be selected other from the regular Type A lens shape.