METAL FRAME S-815T series
S-815T series is a model that show the development of Four Nines’ metal brow. They inherit the functions accumulated in the two models introduced in the autumn of 2016, “S-805T series” that express the history of Four Nines’ metal brow and “S-150T series” that expose a new possibility to metal brow. Our everlasting attitude to develop this metal brow style is expressed in an even basic style.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 1 White Gold
  • 2 Silver
  • 3 Antique Gold
  • 4 Antique Silver
  • 6 Khaki Matt
  • 12 Gunmetallic

Color Variation

Type BFour Nines prepare Type B lens shape, a vertically elongated lens which could be selected other from the regular Type A lens shape.