NPM-104 CL
NPM-103 series is Four Nines’ third series made to fit the global standard. Incorporating Four Nines’ original functions and details, Four Nines contrives the best balance to meet your preference. See the artisanal design of Four Nines given from the front to the side even from its texture of metal and plastic. Each detail explains the immaculate quality of Four Nines that was established in Japan. The model comes in two styles, NPM-103 in classic square and NPM-104 in classic round. Just by placing clip-ons to the frame, you can shift your style from glasses to sunglasses. Keep an eye on Four Nines. We would like to express Four Nines’ quality to the global market through NPM-103 series.
  • 1 White Gold(Black) Lens/Polarizing(Green)
  • 3 Antique Gold(Dark Brown) Lens/Polarizing(Brown)
  • 4 Antique Silver(Grey) Lens/Polarizing(Grey)

Color Variation