CNPM-01 series is structured with the combination of plastic and metal, designed with composed simplicity. It is applied with Gyaku-R hinge that effectively collects the stress applied to the frame when worn, suppressing deformation as well. The connection of the front and the end piece is secured by applying a metal pipe behind the end piece. Keeping the appearance simple from the front, the end piece and the pipe itself that is built together strengthen the balance of the frame. By combining plastic and metal, the controverting material not only adds characters to its appearance but acts as an essential factors to strengthen the frame. The series utilizes Four Nines’ original plastic laminated colour.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 7108 Laminate Pale Brown × Light Brown
  • 7115 Laminate Pale Purple × Light Purple
  • 7124 Laminate Pale Red × Light Pink
  • 7137 Laminate Pale Blue × Light Blue
  • 7154 Laminate Pale Grey × Titanium Shearing

Color Variation