NPN-920 series is a half rim plastic frame. NPN is the abbreviation of Neo Plastic Nylon, meaning a Neo Plastic frame structured with nylon string. It is a style to be introduced ever since year 2009. Normally, plastic nylon frame is said to be delicate because of its difficulty to keep the nylon in the right tension and to maintain the frame stiff. Driving the best of Four Nines’ original function and structure, Four Nines made it possible to create a stiff plastic nylon frame. Enjoy Four Nines’ artisanal quality woven under NP style with 4 different designs; 2 models designed with modernistic style and 2 models with classic style.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 88 Crystal Smoke
  • 90 Black
  • 650 Maroon Demi
  • 4050 Dark Red × Maroon Demi
  • 6533 Blue Smoke Demi × Dark Blue

Color Variation

Type BFour Nines prepare Type B lens shape, a vertically elongated lens which could be selected other from the regular Type A lens shape.