MIX FRAME M-35 series
M-35 series is constructed with the plastic rim, the metal bridge and the temple. Steric impression and unity are demonstrated despite the fact that the series is a mix frame. Moreover, M-35 allows the glasses to be used l like wise sunglasses more often by supplying a clip on dedicated to the series. Four Nines’ goal in supplying this option part is to be able to accompany Four Nines’ glasses in multiple scenes, interchanging the benefits of sunglasses to glasses.
  • SIDE
  • TOP
  • 2000 Clear × Silver
  • 5211 Blue Grey Matt × Antique Grey
  • 6503 Maroon Demi(Matt) × Antique Gold
  • 6531 Blue Smoke Demi × White Gold
  • 6901 Dark Brown Sasa × White Gold
  • 6943 Dark Olive Sasa × Antique Gold
  • 6954 Dark Smoke Sasa × Antique Silver
  • 9001 Black × White Gold
  • 9110 Black Matt × Black Matt

Color Variation