This is Four Nines

Four Nines creates glasses to deliver the most comfortable glasses for all.

“Glasses should be Fine Tools”.
This is Four Nines’ basic idea toward glasses, and which also states Four Nines’ ideal.
It translates Four Nines’ creation to be, a creation that fulfil the entire function and quality essential in “reality of life” that as so requires deliberate design.

Gyaku-R hinge was created within the process of creating an ideal frame.
It is Four Nines’ iconic functionality, and it is the most important parts when talking about Four Nines.

Almost all glasses from “NEW COLLECTION 2019 SPRING” attains Gyaku-R hinge.
It creates splendid functionality, quality and design.

The new collection became a collection worth of explaining, “This is Four Nines”.

For long, Four Nines has been creating glasses at the “highest quality”.
Recently, we have acquired the reputation of having the “highest quality”.
We would like to keep this reputation and always strive for even better.

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