Four Nines
Four Nines THE GALLERY Capitol Piazza

15 Stamford Road #01-65 Capitol Piazza Singapore 178906 
Tel: +65-6245-8949 Business Hours: 11:00〜20:30 
Regular Holidays: No regular holiday.


“Four Nines THE GALLERY Capitol Piazza” is located on one of the most historical area near City Hall where you can feel the cultural and artistic atmosphere.Furniture can be adjusted in different ways which made the shop possible to “change the atmosphere” as the time pass. Interiors based on monotone color express simple but with prestige image. The concept is different from the other Four Nines Shops yet has an environment that can offer the service in high standard from testing your eyesight to final fitting. Welcome to our Four Nines shop that represents the brand from the different angle but always continue to bear Four Nines’ quality.