Four Nines SHOP
999.9 selected by HAYASHI-MEGANE

1-10-7 Midorimachi, Hofu-shi, Yamaguchi 
Tel: +81-835-24-8849 Business Hours: 11:00~19:00 
Regular Holidays: Regular holidays on every Tuesday, expect if Tuesday is on a holidays.


999.9 selected by HAYASHI-MEGANE is located on the street running through the Boufu-shi city to the harbor, built on just 26.4 square meters of area in an unique triangular shape. The most distinctive feature of the shop is the wall full of frame displays. The diverse variety of Four Nines frames are clearly and orderly displayed for your easy comparisons. Hair salon-like fitting space is installed fulfilling the important features needed for Four Nines shops. Even though the shop is not as big as the others, you can fully experience the whole world of Four Nines. The store also have a parking space for parking. We look forward to your visiting.