Four Nines SHOP
999.9 selected by HASHIMOTO

5-16-3 Kenkyugakuen,Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 1C Nisshin building
Tel: +81-29-852-4949 Business Hours: 11:00~20:00 
Regular Holidays: Regular holidays on on every Wednesday,except if Wednesday is on a holidays.


999.9 selected by HASHIMOTO is located in Kenkyu-gakuen-mae station on Tsukuba Express Line. This convenient location lets you take a quick visit anytime. The shop is designed with library-like shelves, where Four Nines product variations could be taken in hand under calm atmosphere with a comfortable radiant light. Moreover, a big mirror hanging from the ceiling may assist you check out the total impression of you, wearing each eyeglasses for your delightful selection. When taking your family along, there is a cozy sofa which will come in handy for a waiting space. Of course, an independent fitting space is installed for a proper adjustment for your comfortable fitting as well.