Four Nines

3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1F Isetan Shinjuku Men´s Building,
(Isetan Shinjuku´s tax free purchasing is available.)
Tel: +81-3-3350-7649 Business Hours: 10:30~20:00 
Regular Holidays: No regular holidays


Four Nines SHINJUKU, located in the first floor of Shinjuku Isetan Men´s Building, is our first inshop of Four Nines. Since the shop space is open to all without having a distinct division, customers could easily try eyeglasses without any hesitation to enter the shop. Even though carrying the characteristic of inshop where customers could enjoy shopping not only of eyeglasses but with consideration of full coordination, Four Nines SHINJUKU maintains its functionality as a store under direct management of Four Nines where appropriate maintenance and after follow are practiced. Moreover, gigantic furniture with total 19 steps is placed to display our eyeglasses frames. Note: Isetan Shinjuku´s tax free purchasing is available.