Four Nines

7-5-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1F Kaito Building,
(Tax-free shop)
Tel: +81-3-6218-4949 Business Hours: 11:00~20:00 
Regular Holidays: RESERVE DAY on Tuesday and Saturday


“GINZA NAMIKI-DORI Salon” is a boutique directly run by Four Nines located along Ginza Namiki-dori Street, a street loved for its relaxing atmosphere. What the shop aimed for is a relaxed atmosphere like a private salon, where glasses can be chosen away from stress. The shop can be reserved every Tuesday and Saturday on “RESERVE DAY” for you willing to choose your glasses in a private space, given a one-to-one service. Three comfortable waiting space equipped in Ginza NAMIKI-DORI Salon explains this one-to-one service. The best hospitality can be received at the waiting space to choose and get advised about your next glasses. When you step more to the inside of the shop, over 1800 frames displayed on a wine cellar like shelf is waiting to be chosen. According to your requests, Four Nines’ skilled staff will suggest several glasses recommended for you. Moreover, make the best use of your time by using “RESERVE DAY” and get consulted to your next glasses fully reserved. Please make reservation in your spare time and select the frames with your family in the private, relaxed atmosphere. *Every Tuesday and Saturday is only open for those reserved. *RESERVE DAY can be reserved even if Tuesday and Saturday are on National Holidays. *Contact GINZA NAMIKI-DORI Salon for reservation and any questions regarding RESERVE DAY. They are only accepted through phone. *GINZA NAMIKI DORI Salon is a “Tax-free Shop”. (Tax-free applied only if the total payments exceeds 5,000- excluding tax)