Four Nines
Four Nines GINZA

3-5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2F/3F Matsuzawa Building
Entrance is located on the “Gasto Street” side not on “Chuo Street”.(Tax-free shop)
Tel: +81-3-3535-4949 Business Hours: 11:00~20:00 
Regular Holidays: No regular holidays


* Entrance is located on Gasu-to-Dori, not Chuo Dori.

Four Nines GINZA is the very first Four Nines direct boutique which operates, as Four Nines’ shop and Four Nines’ showroom. It is a boutique that represents Four Nines’ unique operation, such as the isolated test room and Four Nines WORKS. Four Nines WORKS on 2nd floor is a special floor used for exhibiting and teaching Four Nines’ stories of creation. More to say, the fitting space that allows customers and us to talk to mirror facing each other’s is a well-known facility of Four Nines which also started from Four Nines GINZA. Get your frame perfectly adjusted in the fitting space which you sit in front of a large mirror like a hair Salon. Experience the origin of Four Nines’ quality that is appropriate to Ginza. Note: Tax-free Shop. Tax-free is subjected to any purchase over 5,000 yen (without tax).