『S-370T』 is a high-end model that targets matured adults seeking high quality. It bears metal brow style, which is an iconic style of Four Nines. It realizes Four Nines’ quality with tuned Gyaku-R hinge and double front that satisfy matured adults possessing keen eye for eyeglasses. We aim to upgrade all aspects which is needed for eyewear.

Iconic function of Four Nines-Double front construction

『S-370T series』 bears metal brow style that represents Four Nines. Double front construction fixed to metal brow enriches its three-dimensional look. Stress gets taken away effectively in phases starting from Gyaku-R, then to brow bar and to double bridge. Rim wire fixed on Inner Front independently keeps the lens away from stress sustaining the best vision steady. This raises frame match with different lens curve.

Flexible Twin Bridge that ensures front durability

Twin Bridge absorbs force from multi directions with its unique construction. Front Bridge is aligned vertical and Back Bridge is aligned horizontal which corresponds to twist. Moreover, the angle of soldering is taken into consideration to prevent breakage.

Gyaku-R hinge creates ultimate frame balance

The more effective Gyaku-R hinge is, the more minimize the stress to the front subsequently, double front construction cooperatively eliminates stress with brow bar together with twin bridge. An ideal environment for eyeglasses is shaped to S-370T series which describes Four Nines’ defined quality.


  • col.1295 Gunmetallic × Dark Smoke Sasa
  • col.2090 Silver × Black
  • col.3694 Antique Gold × Dark Olive Sasa
  • col.4091 Titanium Shearing × Black Matt
  • col.7693 Dark Blue Matt × Dark Blue Grey Sasa
  • col.8690 Dark Brown Matt × Dark Brown Sasa


55□17 138 LENS HEIGHT Type A 34mm / Type B 38mm
[MATERIAL]Front Bridge:Pure TitaniumInner Bridge:β TitaniumBrow Bar:Pure TitaniumRim:β Titanium
Gyaku-R Hinge:Titanium AlloyMetal Temple:Pure TitaniumPlastic Temple:PlasticNose Pad Arm:Pure TitaniumNose Pad:Plastic