SP-11T is the third model from Four Nines SP series that bases constructions for multiple use. They compose characteristics that corresponds to further sports and drive scenes that secures glasses to position with adequate pressure and flexibility. SP-11T series develops further possibility woven from Four Nines’ study through production of optical glasses and feelsun sunglasses.

Double front structure
that corresponds to active scenes

SP-11T incorporates double front structure that composes brow bar and the inner rim independently. Front stability is secured by strengthening the center bridge and by welding the bridge to the brow bar in L shape. This releases stress collected at the brow bar effectively, creating a preferable fit and comfort that suits active scenes. Moreover, the inner rim is shorten to correspond to different lens curve and prescription (0 base curve ~ 6 base curve) without interfering one’s vision.

Balancer that adjust frame balance

Balancer is one of Four Nines’ iconic structure. It supports total frame balance with its capability to adjust frame tightness in ease.

Personal customization with optional factors

Steric and sporty design is expressed from the design of the body. Customization is offered to temple end tip, either with or without rubber grip on the inner surface, to nose pad from regular or silicone twin nose pads, and to lens curve that can be customized according to needs of 0 base curve to 6 base curve. Moreover, frame colour that matches sports scenes are selected with pearl colour variations. Different opportunities are offered for each different use and preference to match one’s life style with glasses.

straigh sports temple end tip + silicon twin nose pad
regular temple end tip + regular nose pad



55□16 140

lens height

front:Pure Titanium / β-Titanium
temple:Pure Titanium / Plastic / Silicon
nose pad:Plastic / Silicon

  • col.00 Pearl White
  • col.2 Silver
  • col.4 Titnaium Shearing
  • col.5 Metallic Dark Red
  • col.6 Metallic Khaki
  • col.7 Pearl Blue
  • col.12 Gunmetallic