S-930T is a metal retro square model that develops function and design necessary for glasses based on Four Nines’ philosophy to creation. Four Nines’ function has been improved to S-930T with new double front structure that establishes independent inner front and face front together. Moreover, progressed Gyaku-R hinge that screws Gyaku-R hinge to the metal front end piece is installed as well. The melodious combination of metal parts highlights the prominent quality presented by Four Nines.

Double front structure
that improves the perfection of glasses

In contrast to the past double front structure, the new double front structure composes the face front and the inner front independently, assembled together by screw. As usual, the face front creates Four Nines’ comfort while releasing stress collected at the Gyaku-R hinge through the brow bar. Again, the relation of the frame and the lens is improved with the detachable inner front. A completion of perfect glasses are materialized with its ultimate comfort, with its function to release stress and through its contrivance to match the lens curve.

Independent Gyaku-R hinge
that raise front stability

Stress caused by the heat to Gyaku-R hinge is minimized by screwing its base on the front instead of welding. This develops Four Nines’ three major characteristics, “fine comfort”, “strong and durable” and “easy to adjust” at a higher degree with upraised stability.

Prominent metal style in retro square

An extravagant style unique to metal has been expressed through fabrication of the brow parts, the bridge and the rim together. The colour combination has been considered with either two tones or with shine and matt finishing to direct its retro square style.



53□17 139

lens height

front:Pure Titanium / β-Titanium / Titanium Alloy
temple:Pure Titanium / Plastic
nose pad:Pure Titanium

  • col.2 Silver(Silver Matt)
  • col.12 Gunmetallic(Gunmetallic Matt)
  • col.1090 Gold × Black
  • col.3091 Antique Gold × Black Matt
  • col.4453 Antique Silver × Dark Blue