CONCEPTGlasses should be fine tools.

Over our origin. Deeper into the work of creation.

Likewise trend and value towards product changes with time,
the duty desired to eyewear brand changes.
Four Nines’ duty now,
is to raise the universal value of glasses
to a higher stage and
to offer a livelier and comfort life scene with glasses.

To accomplish our duty,
Four Nines’ work of creation always has
an unwavering core
that never changes.
“Glasses should be fine tools”.
This solid idea explains our origin
that lives in every Four Nines’ creation.
The further and deeper we break down the meaning of this idea,
we discover possibilities in our work of creation.

“New Collection 2017-2018”
presents a collection that respect Four Nines’ origin
to discover further and deeper to the meaning of our philosophy.

Four Nines is never satisfied to current status.
Four Nines is ready to face to the work of
creation with genuine attitude,
to develop and introduce an even advanced function and quality.

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